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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I love travel blogs. Let me rephrase that: I love interesting, well-organized travel blogs. Lots of travel blogs probably have great content, but they are difficult to navigate and require billions of mouse clicks and pop-up windows to view pictures and get back to the narrative. Yuk! Therefore, good, well-organized, reader-based travel blogs are kind of hard to find.

I also notice that most people blog about their global travels. Well, if I could afford global travel, you bet I'd boastfully blog! But, alack, I am stuck in New York State. Someday I hope to catch up on all my New York expenses (taxes, debt, taxes, charges, taxes, fees, surcharges, taxes, etc., etc.), get ahead of the game, and travel abroad. Heck, I'd be happy to see what Ohio looks like. But until then, I stay local. My kids and I take succor in our local travels and adventures. We are terrific history buffs, and the nice thing about New York is its rich history. I'd really like to share that in this blog, as well as outline our exploits and toss up some photos.

For several years, we have traveled areas in the state. The next several posts will catalog some of our past travels (look out-- I didn't get a digital camera until a year ago). Mind you, our travels are not exotic, not titillating, not full of Casablanca-Bogart-Bergman-beaded-doorway suspense and intrigue. Don't you get enough of that watching American Idol? It is kind of like eating out all the time. McDonald's and The Olive Garden are terrific the first twenty or so times... but then don't you just get a hankering for some homemade blueberry pie and pot roast? My blog is not the Whopper or Big Fat Greek Wedding Cake of travel blogs. It is more... pot roast and pie.

Not everyone has the big buck$ to travel abroad. Especially us. I appeal to the "Clark Howard" travelers, and hope to make my local adventures a good read. Thanks for coming along!

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