The Doldrums

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I have been searching all morning, with my youngest son over my shoulder, trying to find a good place to go today. School lessons begin soon, so we are eager for one final trip, and we would like to make it a memorable one. (In other words, my son does not want to go to another state park). We've already been to Oriskany Battlefield, Fort Stanwix, Nicolas Herkimer House, and Fountain Elms in Utica several times in years past (all are free).

I am discouraged this morning. The prices for admission for everything is outrageous!!! For my family of six, these are the estimated costs. And note that since Oneida County charges 9.5% in tax, it would jack the costs even higher. Whoa!!

Erie Canal Village in Rome: $74
Howe's Caverns: $94
Herkimer Diamond Mines in Herkimer: $40.50
Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown: $54
Utica Zoo in Utica: $26
Children's Museum in Utica: $48
Adirondack Railway from Utica to Thendara and back: $178

Well, I need to mow the lawn, anyway!!!

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