Fort Ontario in Oswego

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One of our goals in travel was to visit Fort Ontario in Oswego, NY. We had tried twice before when we were in the area, but it had been closed. This time, we got to go! It was an exciting adventure, filled with history and exploration. But best of all was soaking in the glorious vista of the beautiful Great Lake.

Fort Building

Benches on the Berm

I've blogged all about our visit at New York Come see!

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The Proprietor said...

Wonderful post, great pictures. One tiny correction -- Oswego is on the Oswego River.

Got here from a link on NYCO's blog.

11:03 PM  
Alan said...

Here is a little more Fort Ontario from a blogger in the near (if Loyal) north:

10:53 PM  
Mrs. Mecomber said...

Thanks for your comments, folks! Whoops, please forgive my geography error!

7:43 PM  
Alex said...

I volunteer my time at this fort i was pleased to hear that you enjoyed your visit. Please come again

8:38 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Alex, thank you for visiting my blog! Fort Ontario must be such a great place to work! The next time we visit, I will ask for you. Our visit was very enjoyable; thanks for helping to make the fort a beautiful and relaxing place.

10:23 AM  
Alex said...

You should...Here is a few event s coming up here

last weekend in july is a civil war living history weekend, cushings battery will be there.

august 12,13 is our rev. war event. We'll be having a Public tavern t be able to visit.

august 24,25 is our F&I event that two will have a tavern.

then the first weekend we'll be have a Scottish rebellion! Thats kinda weird because we don't even live in scottlin! hahaha.

yes it is, i enjoy having spent my times there.

also we have added a new set of collection to the forts Artifacts..

a 1812 Oswego guard's coatee(co-tee)

and much more

E-mail me and i'll send you more information @


8:44 PM  

visit my blogspot AT

8:57 AM  

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