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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I just happened to check my webstats today, and was blown away when I saw that several hundred visits were in my stats log, and this before noon today. A bot? What was this??

Well, I did a little bit of poking around, and found out that my blog is featured at Manhattan User's Guide. What an honor! Unfortunately, due to the snow and schoolwork, I have not had anything new to add to New York Traveler in a few months. I hope to take the gang out sometime in the near future... after the snow melts... whenever that happens. We in the Mohawk Valley got about 16 to 17 inches this week. Not much to me, as I grew up in "Lake Effect Central" (near Oneida Lake). I just read the news that they got 51 inches in Oswego. In THREE days. Woohoo, the memories!

Anyway, thanks to all the visitors and here's to more New York adventures forthcoming!

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