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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We had a full day yesterday, and traveled all across the state to the New York/Vermont border yesterday. It was quite a day and I am eager to tell you all about it.

However, three of the four kids are writing research papers, and they need attention. I hope to get to discuss the traveling tonight, when I have some free time. For now, I will drop a few sneak previews of what's to come.

We went to Lake George-- a first for all of us. What a beautiful area. I don't think I can properly express how stunning the scenery is here. We drove up the west side of the lake, first, along Route 9. We stopped a few times to snap photos.

Get Yer Kicks on Rt 9

The mountains were still clothed in full-leaved oak trees. Sticking up like fuzzy green feathers were ancient fir and pine trees. It was truly exquisite. More to come on this later.

We drove all the way up to Fort Ticonderoga. We know that just about everything closes after October 31st here in New York (what a shame), but we took the chance that we could at least walk around, maybe even just stroll around the outside of the fort and buildings. I even challenged the "no trespassing" signs, but something else held me back. More on this later. Here's another one of my noted "long shots" of a staircase at the fort:

Down the Stairs Ticonderoga

After Fort Ticonderoga, we spent a few hours driving alongside the east rim of Lake George, to Buck Mountain. The kids loved this best.

BuckMtn Trail

Like I said, more to come!

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