Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've discovered a new photo blog, Pictures of Moscow. I love looking at photos of other places, especially Russia. The architecture is so unusual and appealing.

The author of the blog got a short video of some odd lights moving above the clouds. Interesting!

Here is New York, we have a history of seeing UFOs. I believe that these UFOs are military skycraft. There's a lot of military experimentation and mechanical innovation that goes on in Upstate New York. I think a lot of the UFO sightings are actually new, secretive types of aircraft.

I found this interesting video clip of 500 eyewitnesses sighting a bright skycraft in Upstate New York in the 80s. It's a clip from "Unsolved Mysteries" so it's high on hype and the music is hilariously silly, intended to provoke a feeling of creepiness. But it is a notable event, because of the large number of eyewitnesses.

In high school, I had a science teacher who liked to scare the heebie-jeebies out of the faint-hearted by reminding us that if there was a nuclear invasion in the U.S., Syracuse would be the first to go. This would be because of our proximity to Rome, NY, home of (now closed) Grifiss Air Force Base, Rome Laboratory, and NEADS. That was in the nervous 70s and 80s during the tensions of the Cold War. I am not as concerned about nuclear attack. But we all know there is a lot of military development in weapons, skycraft, and intelligence in Upstate. I believe this accounts for all the UFO sightings. Plus, Hillary flies in from time to time on her broomstick.

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Mrs. W said...

Whaaaahahahah, broomstick! Heeeheee I knew I liked you!

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Mrs Mecomber said...


I like you, too. ;)

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