A Virtual Walk Through New York City

Friday, December 14, 2007

I just found the neatest New York travel blog. It's about Manhattan, but it's still good. ;)

It is about this guy who spent two years walking down every street on the island of Manhattan. He took pictures and wrote short narratives. It's fun! The pictures are wonderful and give you a taste of the incredible diversity and beauty of old (and modern) Manhattan. I was excited to see photos of my old neighborhood, the brownstones of Grammercy Park area. And his story of discovering the Little Church Around the Corner is parallel to my experience years ago!

You can take your own little virtual walk with a cute online Virtual NYC Tour. It moved a little skow for me, but the pictures are very high quality.

Don't like to walk? I found a site that has handy bike maps for the more adventurous NYC traveler.

Want real photos in real time? Check out the deluxe Webcam New York. You can watch the Adirondacks, Bryant Park, and even Utica.

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