Visit to Corning Museum of Glass

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've finished a blitz of blog posts about our trip to the Corning Museum of Glass. It was such a terrific trip! For your convenience, here's a breakdown of the posts:

Corning Museum of Glass, Part 1

Corning Museum of Glass, Part 2

Corning Museum of Glass, Part 3

The three posts have a plethora of photos, videos, interesting stories, and some good history. We had fun, and I hope you enjoy reading about this amazing museum.

Here's a sneak peek of one neat video. This is done by the Museum itself, explaining the process of an early type of glassmaking called "core forming." We have pictures of several core-formed glass containers from ancient Mesopotamia at the blog.

After our excursion to the CMOG, we visited the Rockwell Museum of Western Art. This was another fabulous museum. I'll be posting about this in the very near future, so stay tuned!

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