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Monday, January 28, 2008

I was blog surfing and came across a funny post about silly names. Mr. M and I have had a growing roster of silly names for the years we've been married. The kids have added to the collection, too. I can't believe I have never shared these with you! Haha, I'll bet you know what's coming next....

Funny Occupational Names:
Identity Protection Specialist: Anna Nimitty
Bodyguard: Anita de Groyn
Antique Dealer: Juan N. Doanlee
Insurance Salesman: Justin Case
Atlantic Fisherman: I. C. Waters
Auto mechanic: Lucinda Boltz
Animal Rights Activist: Al E. Gaytor
Lion Tamer: Dee Claude
Lawyer Team: Cheetam & Steele
Lawyer Team: Dewey, Cheetam, & Howe
Fashion Model: Ann O. Reksic
Designer of Tall Women's Clothing: Phyllis Stein
Parliamentary Judge: B. Wigged
Theatre Actor: A. Hamm
IRS Agent: Lem E. Havvitt
Keystone Cop: Paul Leece
Cereal Manufacturer: Chris P. Corn (thanks, Samuel) ;)
Short-order Cook: Doan Tiburnitt
Tight-Rope Walker: I.N. Sane
Archaeologist: Doug M. Upp
Champion Archer: Ames Welle
Mountain Climber: Holden Tite
World Traveler: Ben Neveryware
Fire Chief: Putnam Owwt
Barber: Ray Zerr Sharpe
Tool Guy: Phillip Screwz
Detective: Scott Landyard
Beverage Manufacturer: Asher M. Thursty
Opera Singer: Horace Throte
Talkradio Hosts: Gabby Guy and Saye N. Nuttin
Sky Diver: Hope Etwerks
Fireman: Burney Upp

Phone Book names:
Bob Shishka
Bea Bumbull
Chip N. Fish

Hat tip: Windyridge. Thanks ;)

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Thomas MacEntee said...

These are great! When I lived in San Francisco there was actually an entry in the phone book for Numba Wong which, of course, appeared as, Wong, Numba.

See Craig's great post on names with my looooong list in the comments over at GeneaBlogie:

4:17 PM  
hh said...

Hillary Uss!

5:50 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...


Funny, guys!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous said...

Thomas, you must have lived in San Francisco in the early '80s, as I did. I remember that phone book entry; in fact, I had a photocopy of the page on my refrigerator.

12:13 AM  

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