Thursday Thirteen: Irking

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I haven't done a Thursday Thirteen in a while! I guess it's because I've been pulled in so many different directions. I decided to do one today because I can make a list some thirteen related things! I was blog reading yesterday and I am ready for action today! I am so sick and tired of reading about the idiotic things that people are writing about, so I'm going to do a 13 on those! Here's goes:

Thirteen Things People are Blogging About that Are Idiotic:

1. The polygamist news story. OK, the polygamists deserve to be split up if they have been abusing girls. I don't know what it is with kooks, but it ALWAYS involves perversion. That's a number one ringer. BUT-- and this is a strong but-- these people do not deserve to be hung out to dry before the media, and the children should NOT be separated from their mothers.

Blogs are filled with "these people are brainwashed." Give me a BREAK! I don't hear any clarion calls to rid ourselves of media bias (brainwashing), to shut off American Idol or those other idiotic shows. THAT's not being brainwashed? This perverse obsession with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears is not brainwashing? The Super Bowl hysteria-- men throwing a ball around and crashing into each other is not brainwashing? Hello???

Everyone seems to be throwing around that term without every stopping to think about what it means, and with the possibility that THEY may be brainwashed, too. And everyone is up in arms about polygamy. I am 110% against it and it SHOULD be outlawed. But how about all the "virtual" polygamy going on? You know, Playboy playmates, all that crap? That's not brainwashing?!?! Who's fooling who here? It's irking me a lot these days.

2. I'm visiting blogs to drop my Entrecards, and BAM, my computer fans kick on in high gear. Wha? Suddenly, the room is filled with the blaring strains of an old Rick Astley song, "Never Gonna Give You Up." I guess it's all the rage right now. Everyone things the prank is funny, calling it "Rick Roll'd."

I don't find it funny.

Maybe I'm not brainwashed enough to find it funny. Maybe I need more TV in me, huh?

3. Pictures of immodest women all over the blogs. For some reason, being a Texan polygamist with a beehive hairdo is being "brainwashed," but billions of nude women all over a person's blog is "real life." Or, swearing worse than a sailor, or dressing like a whore is "real life" but 1960s hairstyles is being "brainwashed." rrrrrrrrright. I'm irked, folks, mighty irked. Is that all that men can think about-- women like that?! It's everywhere! That's plain sick. But then again, I'm not brainwashed that way. Maybe I need more TV, huh?

4. Hoh boy, I'm running out of stuff already. Those first three really cover a lot of bases. I'm irked that those three things make me so mad I run out of ideas for other things!

5. StumbleUpon and Entrecards. I'm irked about them. And I;m irked about bloggers gaming the system. SU and EC were set up for bloggers to discover new blogs and get the word out about them. Instead, they've become another way for spammers and scammers to take over the Internet. So what is SU and EC doing? Gun control. They are taking the "guns" (tools) away from us law-abiding folks, thinking that will cure what ails the blogosphere. No, it won't. The spammers will be the ones who will continue to game the systems! But, on the bright side, I'm sure someone else will come up with another great idea for us little guys who just want to read and write good content.

6. Charleton Heston Hate-fests. The guy was 84 years old, and he was an honorable man. What are some bloggers doing? Having parties because they hated his part in the National Gun Association! Sheesh. So not only do these haters hate our second amendment, they hate an 84-year old who was faithful to his wife and stood up for our rights. Irks me, real bad.

7. I'm only half way done here. Hmm. Care to give me a hand? No? Argh! I'm irked!

8. The Googolopoly. Google is buying up everything. Have you heard about it? They've bought Blogspot, YouTube, .... etc etc. Now they want to rule the Internet by controlling more wireless companies. And bloggers complain but they just fold. Googlopoly is mighty irksome.

9. Spam comments. OH THIS REALLY IRKS ME. I have seven blogs. Do you have any idea how long I spend deleting spam? Thank God for the guy who invented Akismet! Do these spammers really think people will come flocking to the websites buying things up when their comments are like this (and I have flushed out the profane and disgusting stuff:

71tSKUSH6e-s88y5-e4-0 PROFANE WORDS
[url=http://PROFANE WORDS
[url]http://PROFANE WORDS

Oh yeah. Sure I'll let you comment on my blog (that I am paying for) and visit your site and buy your stuff. Suuuuuure. Winning strategy.

10. And then there are the ones that get through the filter and I have to hand-delete. It's bad enough reading these in the comments. They are all over the blogs, too! (See #3).

11. And then there are the scrapers. That's the blogger's term for CREEPS who steal a blogger's content and post it on their "blog." Just to get credit or link juice or whatever. There's not much you can do, either. The Recording Industry can just sue any ole grandma they want, saying she downloaded music and that was a "copyright infrigement," but who do we bloggers have on our side? Nobody! That irks me!!!

12. What really steams me is the Page Rank stuff. I could write a whole book about how that irks me. Google, who wants to own and control everything, has arbitrarily decided that some blogs (ahem) deserve a blog value ("Page Rank" they call it) of ZERO. All my blogs were targeted and given 0s. I write sponsored posts on some of the blogs, but not all. I was "spanked" by association. I have a ton of link-backs, I see upwards of 500 visitors a day, I write good content, but Google thinks I'm a 0. And we bloggers who have been rank-spanked suspect it is because we don't sell ads for Google (there's speculation that G is creating their OWN sponsored post business and they want to squelch all competition first). But Google wouldn't do that, would they? Isn't their motto "Do no evil" or "Do no harm" or some other such silly thing? LOL. I am IRKED.

13. Ah I have reached number 13! Have you? Well, if you have read this far, friend, congratulations! I thought that by blogging all the things that irk me, I would someone feel better for getting these things off my chest. Not so. I think I feel even MORE irked! GREAT, just GREAT! Well, when I start to feel this irked, I know it's time to crank up Hillsongs and go wash dishes or something. But at least I have blogged my Thursday Thirteen. Hopefully, some will listen to what I had to say, because a lot of it makes sense. And if you are one of those people who are so highly critical of the polygamists and say they are "brainwashed," you'd better go look in the mirror. Because you don't have all the facts and you are being spoon-fed by the media who has an agenda. And THAT's the reality. Not American Idol.

Oh hey-- here's a bonus!

14. The "pregnant man" that has the blogosphere all ablaze. Wow, a man who is pregnant, and he's on Oprah! Wow! Amazing! Hey.. uh.. it's not a "man." It's a LADY who changed certain parts. This pretending that this is some medical miracle is pushing things way too far. The lady is not a man. And the pregnancy is not amazing. What IS amazing is that everyone is taking this so seriously. Me, I'm laughing like crazy at such silliness! Am I brainwashed for not buying into this ridiculous story? Should I watch more tv and ditch the beehive hairdo, and then maybe some of you will accept me? LOL


OK, I've gotten the ranting out. Thank you very much.

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Mrs. W said...

Oh, my! Breathe... just breathe...

Seriously, this made me smile. Some of these really bug me, too.

7:55 AM  
Mrs. Mecomber said...


I had to squash it all in before dinner. ;)

8:19 AM  
Suz said...

LAMO! Too fun. I forgot how amusing your Thursday 13 is compared to some others I read.

Try and be Zen about the whole being irked thing- or do what I do and take it out on an unsuspecting husband.

@ every one of your 13 - YES! That irks me too!!!! Probably why I 'gave up' the news so long ago and now tailor my blogs that I read to ones that don't just re-post the news. Interestingly enough, I still don't seem to miss anything important- everyone tells me about what's going on in the world so I don't need to watch the news. If I'm interested in something, I go look it up online.

Thanks again!

12:02 PM  
Windyridge said...

I have to respectfully disagree with you about Charelton Heston being honorable. I do have to mention that I am a hunter and do support gun ownership. When he went to Colombine soon afetr the shooting to hold an NRA meeting I was pretty disgusted. There was also a another fatal shooting of children in another town and he immediately flew there and did the same thing. Talk about insensitive. When confronted about it, he said he was finished with the interview and got up and left. This interveiw was held in his house.

2:56 PM  

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