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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I admit, I am not a hotel fan. When I think of all the hundreds of thousands of people sleeping in that same bed, using that same chair and bathroom.... yeeeek, it gives me the heebie-jeebies. We much prefer finding vacation rentals for our longer stays away from home. Here's a great site I found to keep handy: Cute and memorable name, don't you think? Vacation rentals are truly wonderful, I think. Renting a home or cabin for a week is a superb way to really enjoy the local area you're visiting and to get to know the people and the cultural flavor of the area. has a terrific searchable United States map on the front page- quick and easy. You can also search for worldwide rental homes, condos, villas, and townhouses. And if you have a home or condo you'd like to rent, you can list it at I know that this is becoming more popular among people here in Upstate-- some folks here rent their homes for half of the year so that they can go to warmer states for the winter. It's the best of both worlds-- the folks get to spend winters down in Florida or in California (and you can find very nice California vacation rentals or take a Florianopolis Vacation) and they get income from renting out their NY home for people who want to enjoy our winter sports. You can list vacation homes for free at There's a few gorgeous cabins for rent off Lake Ontario, I see!

It's a great site to look for vacation rentals. Bookmark this one!

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