Winter Travel Ideas for Kids

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter. Everything travel practically shuts down here in Upstate New York, blah. I like traveling in the winter, I wish most places were still open. Not even their toll free numbers are operating in the winter, nothing. :( What do you do when the kids are stir-crazy, and you can't boot them outside to play?

Do not depair! There are still a few places in Central NY open. We're going to take advantage of them in the near future.

The Utica Zoo in Utica. We visited here last winter, and admission is free from November to March. Most of the animals are still pretty active, and the sea lion show is a hoot. The crowds are low (although when we went, there were a good many people, despite the snow on the ground). You can read about our visit, last winter, here.

Fort Stanwix in Rome. This is fun. We've only visited in the summer (see here), never in winter. It would be cool to see how the fort looks, and see the activities. The people at the fort try to make the environment as realistic as possible, so it would be a terrific education. And the visitor's center is a great visit.

Secret Caverns, Howe Caverns, in Cobleskill. I have been to Howe Caverns twice in my life. but never to Secret Caverns. Howe Caverns is open year-round; Secret Caverns is open by chance or by appointment. Near Howe Caverns is the Iroquois Indian Museum that looks great. It's only open until December 31, though.

Children's Museum, Utica. We visited this last year (see here). WHAT a blast! It will keep the kids busy the entire day. Also in Utica is the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute Museum. They have some great displays and admission is free. I go gaa-gaa over the Thomas Cole collection, The Voyage of Life. I could gaze at those paintings forever.

The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown. I've never been here. It's open until December 31. It's part of the Farmer's Museum complex (which is closed right now).

Emerson Gallery at Hamilton College, Clinton. I have never been to this museum, either. I like fine art, but my kids prefer more hands-on stuff. I have always assumed this museum to be small, but then again, I've never been. Hamilton College is a greta place to just drive around- it's loaded with history. The town of Clinton is beautiful in the winter; the town has all these Christmas lights and the streets have a lovely Currier & Ives feel to it.

The Discovery Center, Binghamton. This is a little south for us, as it is more south-central New York. I visited this museum eons ago; it's geared for younger kids. It's a good place to make a day of it. There's also the Roberson Museum in Binghamton, and their prices are very reasonable. They have a planetarium, too! Also in that area, in Vestal, is the Kopernik Observatory. They are only open Fridays nights from December to February, for sky watches.

The Science Discovery Center in Oneonta. This has limited winter hours, but admission is free. We'll have to try this out sometime!

Well, I hope this list has helped you somewhat. We rather like museums, and especially when they are free. :D Winter needn't be without it's travel adventure!

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Another NY staple, CorningWare, is no longer made by Corning.

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