More Photos of the Utica Public Library

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who knew visiting a library could be so interesting? But actually, there are a lot of Upstate NY libraries that are filled with historical artifacts, stunning 18th and 19th century architecture, and are national historic edifices in their own right. We love libraries, and we do try to visit the local library of towns and cities we visit.

I took dozens and dozens of photos. The bulk of the "serious" history I have written at my other blog, New York; here is where I can get a little whimsical, a little free and fun. We take so many photos, and the kids really like to yuk it up. I am compelled to post such fun photos!

The Utica Public Library was built in 1904, although the city had a small library from 1825. The front of the library, facing Genesee Street, is very stately.

Utica Public Library Exterior 1

But the back entrance has a cool tunnel you can walk in. And make funny faces in.

Exterior Tunnel

Exterior Tunnel 2

The library has several floors to explore. I climbed the second floor to snap a photo.

In the Circulation Area

The kids followed.

Climbing Stairs

Up the Stairs

On the second floor balcony, I had a terrific view of the elaborate ceiling. I love ceilings.

Library Ceiling

Interior Window

And staircases, love them, too.


Here's a nice fireplace. I think these were operational way back when, before central heating. Now, they are just decoration.


The Children's Library is in the basement. It's a very cozy and colorful place.

Children's Area

Children's Area 2

This unintentional placement of a photo over the books made the kids giggle. They wanted me to snap a photo, so I did.

Picture Oops

Can you believe that I still have more photos of the library?! I wasn't kidding when I said I took a lot. But they are all so good! So more to come! :D

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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I'm betting it was a Carnegie Library, eh? Beautiful.

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