Sneak Preview of Stanley Theatre Visit

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have been so far behind with my travel blogging, it's CRAZY! We visited the Utica Library and the Stanley Theatre two weeks ago, and I haven't completed my posts about them. I've been too busy (and, *ahem* too lazy) to research the history and write up about it. So I'm hoping to inspire myself a little by publishing a few photos of the Stanley. It's beautiful.

Stanley Theatre Utica

Stanley Lobby

The theatre was recently updated. I didn't see anything much different than before (we've visited here before without a camera, and I saw Carman in concert here in 1988). The kids got a good taste of Rococo art and architecture. Rococo art is extremely ornate, overly so, actually, like a las vegas strip map. It's SO rich. But when tastefully done, it's very impressive. The loghting was very dark and my lame little camera couldn't handle it. But even though the photos are a bit blurry, I love the honey-colored glow of the interior.

Balcony to Lobby

Stanley Lobby 2

I'll have a nice post up about the history of the theatre, soon, with more photos!

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