Ukranian Girl Tells Story with Sand

Monday, September 28, 2009

This is an incredible video. A young girl from the Ukraine draws in sand to tell the story of her people right before, during, and shortly after World War II. I have studied Russian history a little, and OH what horrible things the Nazis and especially the Communists did to the people of Eastern Europe!

This video moved me to tears.

I hate Communism, HATE IT. Communists and socialists try to hide their wicked policies and evil deeds behind things like environmentalism or "feel good" politics. Now I'm a frugal lass, buying stuff like Green Study to "help" the environment is a fine thing, but believe me when I say that communism and socialism will destroy people! They use "watermelon" politics: Green on the outside, Red on the inside. Stalin killed more people than Hitler, but do we ever hear about that?! Communism is evil-- only the power-mongers love it! I hope and pray that my children never go through something like the Ukranians have.

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Anonymous said...

The video was truly amazing! She's incredible. However, I truly urge you to read more about communism to see how it was actually misinterpreted by Stalin and those who came before him. Same with what happened with Mao. They used communism and socialism to fit their ideologies and modified it into monstrocities that subjugated their people.

But that doesn't mean that communism at its heart is anything like the evil impositions of governments like Stalin's. :) Try reading Edward Bellamy's "Looking Back" as an interesting way to understand what communism should have been.

But thanks for sharing the video. :) Incredible!

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