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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clark Howard recently mentioned CNN's listing of the best jobs in America, currently. Some of the jobs surprised me (Systems Engineer?), but some did not. Health care is a hot commodity these days, so Nurse Practitioner and Physician's Assistant ranked as #4 and #2. When I was in high school, it seemed that half the females in my graduating group wanted to pursue a career in nursing. Such a career requires training-- back then, it was tough-- the nearest nursing college was miles and miles away and had to make your life revolve around college classes. Now, thanks to the Internet, getting an education is amazingly affordable and convenient.

Take, for example, Western Governors Online University. It's an online university, and you can obtain Bachelor's or Master's degrees with their superior curriculum and training. WGU's nursing programs are accredited by the Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education, and are very affordable. The specialized, unique courses are all online, eliminating the need for relocating, telecommuting, and rescheduling your life around college life. It's pretty amazing, the superior education one can get online!

Demand is becoming extremely high for more well-trained, motivated professionals in the health care industry. This is a great time to seek a degree and take advantage of a career in nursing! Check out the online nursing degree program at WGU for more information.

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