I've Been Working on the Railroad...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Oh remember that old tune? I used to sing it ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. Drove my brother crazy. ha!

Working on the railroad just ain't like it used to be. Trains are a lot faster now... say, 150mph faster. I often wonder about the skin-stretching G-force on those speedy things; does riding in them regularly reduce the need for wrinkle treatments later in life??

I found this video this evening and my heart almost dropped into my shoes. It's a surveillance video of a railroad worker, in Germany, where trains exceed speeds of 180 mph. He's taking his time, checking the rails. Good thing he looked up... and has fast reflexes!! OMG!!

HOLY COW!!! Dude, GET OFF THE TRACKS!! Why, after surviving the second train, does he just SIT on the tracks again?! I'd be running for the hills! Somebody was definitely praying for that guy! A miracle!

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Femmepower said...

Whoah! What was he thinking? He didn't even bother leaving at once.Hit me baby one time?

9:39 PM  
The Other Alice said...

Probably almost had a heart attack, poor fellow.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to get this guy a hearing aid.

10:25 PM  

You are right, thank God he has good reflexes! Don't think everyone could have pull out of the way..

4:18 PM  

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