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Monday, December 07, 2009

Going to the UK this winter? I have never attempted foreign travel, but I've been to Florida. ;) Traveling to a new place is a little discombobulating (how's that for a word, eh?): I really have no idea where things are, where to eat, what to see, and if the places I go to are reputable and the best deal for the area.

Thanks to the Internet, though, such information is to be found on the Internet! Qype.com is a latest website I've seen with loads of information about everything for your trip to London! There's a hefty and informative page all about restaurants London, coffee shops, cafes, pubs London, and more. The reviews are written by REAL travelers, too! There you will find a wealth of info with tips, advice, what to expect, and-- best of all-- all the "little known" gems of London, such as attractions, restaurants, and theatres that are "off the beaten path."

Everything on the site is well-organized, I think. You can browse through places to see especially for children, look for popular shopping venues and markets, get notification on special events (such as where to find Christmas grottos in London right now), getting good rates on hotels and comparing them, and loads more.

Moreover, Qype.com isn't just for travelers- you Londoners may discover some new places listed there-- financial services businesses, vet clinics, locate parks and libraries, and more. There's a ton of information to be found there!

Ya gotta love the Internet. No longer are you walking into a place, having no idea where to go or what to do. And if you are an adventuresome kind of explorer like I am, you will certainly find a few fun, smaller places to check out and enjoy. See the site for more details.

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