The Best Local Ad I've Ever Seen

Friday, March 26, 2010

When I worked in radio, I recorded commercials and performed a lot of skits for various local advertisers. One of the best, funnest ads to do was for Otego Hardware in Otego, New York. It was a running gag commercial, where a fellow radio employee and I performed skits similar to The Honeymooners antics. The ads had a bickering husband and wife, and the skit changed every week to showcase a new product at the hardware store and present a new argument by the couple. The ads were widely popular and brought a lot of attention to the hardware store. Boy, I always loved making commercials!

Then there were some businesses that preferred to record their OWN ads. Maybe they had a wife or niece or nephew who wanted to "get on the radio," or the CEO of the company felt that only he could hawk his wares sufficiently. These ads always came out awful. I'm sorry-- making commercials isn't like playing a playstation 3 game-- it takes a certain panache, with certain inflections and vocal expressions that not too many people seem to cultivate. We always loathed playing the "homegrown" ads, because they were poorly done; people were so wooden, or their diction or accent was so thick the words were barely intelligible.

Well, with all that said, the video below has got to be the BEST and funniest homegrown commercial I have ever seen! It's for a music store in Sioux City. Looks like all the employees got together to make a local TV ad. The employees are still rather wooden, reciting their lines with very little inflection and excitement, but the poem is hilarious, and I LOVE how they use their instruments!


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Pat said...

This is absolutely wonderful. I have 3 grandkids who are in the band to whom I am immediately emailing this. They will get a kick out of it!

5:19 PM  

LOL. Their awkwardness just made the ad more adorable. Some of them don't even memorize their lines.

The idea and the poem is great. IMO, if it were real actors, it would be less interesting.

2:19 AM  

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