The Chair Thief

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hoo hoo, don't let that cute face and innocent blue eyes fool you--- she's a slim customer, she is. That's my lovely Tabby Point Siamese cat, Livvy. She's nestled (once again) in the desk chair. She is a Chair Thief!

I have no idea why she likes the chair so much. It's rather bumpy, and it spins and has caster wheels (so it's a bit wobbly). Plus, she has THREE special places of her own already situated in the room-- one on a cushy chair by the window, a small corner on the couch, and her kitty cube near the heater vent. You'd think she'd be happy with those, but NOOO she must steal the desk chair, too!

She lies in wait, watching for the moment my husband gets up to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen. Silently, she skulks over to the chair and settles in. By the time my husband returns, she's sound asleep!

She tolerates it when he lifts her up and plunks her back into "her" space. There is peace for a little while, until a coffee refill beckons or the phone rings. As soon as he's up, she slithers over the to chair again! It's become a running gag in the house, now.

Other than her chair pilfering, and her propensity for clawing our feet when she is displeased, Her Highness has a relatively good temperament. She admirably endured a houseful of rambunctious little boys, for an entire year that I babysat; she's endured a few days of us dog-sitting Yorkshire terriers (although their incessant yipping drove her nearly insane); and she even knows, deep down, that our cockatiel is OFF LIMITS to her feline paws (not that she hides her displeasure, mind you). Overall, she's a good kitty. She doesn't shred curtains or try to jump up to the ceiling fan, nor does she scratch or bite (except when she's exceedingly cranky). I put a lot of attention into her kittenhood, because I wanted a good-natured kitty. I think she is. :) All except for her chair thievery!

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Carole said...

Our kitty Q-ee does the same thing except it's when you get out of bed to get a drink of water or use the bathroom - he jumps in bed in your spot. I just get in anyway and force him out of the way, but he's such a little bugger!

7:10 PM  
Sparkle said...

Personally, I think your husband should leave the desk chair for Livvy and get his own. It obviously does not belong to him, but to her.

But of course, you do know that if he were to get his own chair, Livvy would eventually claim that too. Because the truth is everything in "your" house is really hers, and not yours.

3:43 AM  

She seems rather tolerant of you and your quirks, like stealing her chair. Very nice, sharp photo with excellent color and detail.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous said...

we've named our cat Felix - the king of the chair, and since he's named for a Venezuelan baseball pitcher, we call him El Rey de la Silla... ;-) he's gratified to be part of a long line of chair stealers!

12:19 PM  

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