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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our big renovation project of the summer is *starting* to show signs of winding down. Of course, I will be very busy for several months, completing all the little stuff that always accompanies these projects: trim work, baseboard moulding, touch-up painting, building shelves, etc. I figure I will be working on and off on various little projects throughout the winter.

*sigh of relief*

I also have a large project ahead of me: the configuration and wiring of our "network control panel." I dislike wireless greatly. Since we have so many people on computers and other Internet-required devices (I have four teenagers, remember!), all the upstairs units are on wireless. The signals do experience bottlenecks from time to time. And since I am the IT person of the family, I am tired of the constant hassles with wireless security, adapters, configurations, signal interference, etc etc. So I've opted to incorporate wires into the walls, and connect everything into a network panel in the new kitchen area.

In my researching of how to go about this, I've discovered how very Internet-connected so many devices are. I don't have television (we rely heavily on the Internet, instead), but I saw some video showing how you can actually connect your television-- a huge, HDTV widescreen TV, it was-- to the Internet.

Me, I would LOVE to have my computer screen on a great big, TV screen. And I would also LOVE to have satellite TV streaming in all those travel channels and DIY home channels and food channels! Ah! But currently, I have no time to even EAT DINNER. I cannot foresee me hanging out to watch TV anytime soon. But it's nice to know that the option is there. And here's hoping I can get my network wired soon, before the technology changes again!

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