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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The New York State Fair is currently underway! I have found that WSYR out of Syracuse has an excellent State Fair resource guide on their website. A must see! You can find it here. The map of the fairgrounds is very helpful.

NYS is undergoing a horrible heat wave right now. I don't see how fairgoers can handle it. It's oppressive. There's a big swath of relief headed our way for Friday (thus saith the weather prophets, hmmm), with high daytime temperatures dropping lower then the nighttime temperatures we currently have.

NYS weather is CRAZY.

Anyway, the Fair. Oh yeah. I have never been. Nope! Never been to the Fair. Can't say I really want to go, either. It's kind of cool to be a New Yorker and say I've never been to the biggest fair in the state. lol. But right now, I'm up to my eyeballs in plumbing, wiring, and Schlage door knobs... lots of work to do around the old homestead yet.

I'll get a vacation sometime. Soon. Yeah.

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