We'll Get Our A/C Soon Enough...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shovel Man
Yippee. Our A/C will soon be here, all right....

A Twitter friend of mine read one of my recent blog posts about how cold and rainy it has been in Upstate New York. I don't have my heaters installed yet (we gutted our kitchen over the summer and still have a lot of projects to finish before winter's blast pummels us). So I was bemoaning the deluges of rainfall we've been experiencing, how I am not ready for winter and couldn't be if I wanted to because of all this BLASTED RAIN and cold weather.... and she commented: "I still have my air conditioner on!"


She's from North Carolina. OH they are SO SPOILED down there!!! :D heehee

North Carolina is home to those gorgeous Outer Banks vacation rentals I have seen photos of. *sigh* I made the mistake of showing them to the kids... so now "vacation" is all I hear. :D Yeah, I agree- I would LOVE to go there, too. And maybe we will. But, um, there's this teeny tiny little problem with GAPING holes in my basement walls, bare unprotected pipes in front of said holes, and the lingering memories of rugged Upstate NY winters.... sooooo.... no A/C for us yet.


Backyard Snow2
Just think, this is only two months away...

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