We Went to a Corn Maze!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We went to Wolf Oak Acres farm in Oneida, NY, on their very last day, to see the corn maze there. It was the first time we've ever been to a corn maze!

corn maize_entrance 2

I thought the place would be more like a farm-- a dairy farm with cows and stuff-- but it looks to be more like a permanent rural fairgrounds. It's not a fairgrounds technically (no amusement park rides, etc), but when I asked, one of the girls at the concession stand told me that the buildings and games are up all year long. The corn maze opens in early September, and stays open until the last weekend in October, which is when we went. Here's a tip when going to a corn maze: Don't wait until the last weekend to go. By the end of October, everything is a disaster.

The maze was messy, the corn was brown and straggly. It's my fault. I kept postponing the visit. There was not much to the maze by the time we got there, certainly not worth the $35 I paid for the family.

corn maize_03

Much of the maze had been ruined by this time. Visitors had created wayward "shortcuts" through the stalks, which made the game a lot less fun. I loved how Wolf Oak Acres set it up as a game-- upon entering the maze, you selected a map with clues to finding your way through the maze. But the map didn't do us much good, because the trails were decimated by previous visitors. Too bad.

Still, it was good to be outside, even if it was a horribly gloomy day. The kids LOVED the go cart rides. Oh this was really fun; not exactly a ritzy miami car rental, but the kids had an absolute blast, even the older ones. No extra charge to ride the carts, either.

corn maize_racing 2

And there was a corn crib that was fun to jump around in.

corn crib_08

So all in all, it was fun. We got our exercise, and the kids got out in the country. But next year, I'll know better to come while the corn is still green!

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Carole said...

Well, at least besides the tired corn maze you got some go kart rides and fun in a corn crib for your $35... I'm surprised even out by you it's so expensive for a corn maze. What's up with that?
Sorry it turned out to be somewhat disappointing, but you guys are good at making the best of things, and your kids look like they did just that.

8:27 AM  

Next year, we're going to go in September!

It was good getting away from the computers and out into the fresh, country air. :)

10:19 AM  

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