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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My eyes are swimming. :-p I need a new car, and I really don't know what to get. For the first time in 17 years, I'm NOT getting another Dodge Caravan! No! I'm tired of them! And I'm tired of replacing the transmissions. Yikes.

I'm in the market for a nice, mid-sized (used) sedan. Something that the kids and I can travel comfortably in. Oh I'd just LOVE to get an RV, you know-- my dad had one. He loaded the thing with the best RV accessories (even a plasma TV!). They were nice, very nice. But it's a teeny-tiny bit beyond my budget. I think they run for, what, $150,000. All I could afford would be the caravan water tank. Plus, I don't think I could drive the monster-- the Hubs would have to take on that task.

So I'm into cars right now. We looked at a '07 Chevy Malibu, but I read that they have power steering problems. I know that every car has SOMETHING, some kind of problem... but I don't want to deal with steering problems.

Hey you car guys-- got any suggestions?? I've heard good things about the Hyundai Sonata... and the Toyota Prius.... but I don't know what else. I'm willing to go with a compact SUV if I have to. But I have four tall teens who need their leg room. So as much as I would love to get a zippy compact car again, I don't think they would tolerate it.

Here's what I'm looking for:

1. Roomy interior

2. Pretty good gas mileage (I only got 19mpg with the minivan on good days, so anything better than that is good!)

3. I don't care about resale value

4. I don't care about amenities like fins or radios or a valet that pops out of the glove box and serves me coffee (that's what I have kids for, lol)

5. No older than 2006.

Got any ideas, recommendations, cars to avoid? I'm all ears!!!! Thanks!

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Clint said...

Good morning, Rebecca! I am not an expert on cars, especially previously owned ones. However, I have owned a LOT of vehicles---everything from SUVs to sedans to Minivans. My experience is that if you are looking for a 4-door sedan, your best shot might be with Toyota Camry, Honda Accord or Hyundai Sonata. I say this because I have a lot of experience with these vehicles and they jm to keep on keepin' on. Anyway, take a look at them and look around, Google, etc. I would hate for you to take just my advice and end up with a lemon! Good luck and God bless.

10:18 AM  

Clint, I knew you'd have some good advice! Thanks for your comment. I have done a bit of research online, and it looks like the Japanese cars are a good bet. The only problem is, they tend to be a little pricey. But maybe that's a good thing. I have heard about the Sonata-- will check on that! Thanks again for your input, I value it!

11:04 AM  
Mimi said...

A friend from work has just bought his second Toyota Prius. He loves it, and says it goes on the promise of fuel!
The tax is lower on them here, which makes them more worthwhile, not sure it that's the case with you?
Happy shopping anyway, it is esciting but tiring, I got a new (to me) car in October, and I love it!

7:16 PM  

Mimi, THANK YOU for that advice. I have seen the Prius in parking lots. Wow, if it's his second, it must be a nice one! I'll be looking those up. I do like the Japanese cars. :D

Yes, taxes are INSANE here. Insane. I expect to pay almost 10% sales tax on the car, then there's all the other taxes for the title, insurance, registration, etc. It's evil.

7:48 PM  

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