Absolutely Beautiful Upstate New York

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was going through some of my Flickr archives tonight. Oh my word! Look at some of these exquisitely beautiful photos of the state! Sometimes I wish I had a huge, huge screen with xbox to make these photos fill the room.

Beautiful Trenton Falls, in Barneveld, NY:

Gorge Hillside

The ruins of an old wooden pipeline that carried water for hydroelectricity in Trenton Falls.

The Wooden Pipeline Ribs

This is at Steuben Burial Memorial Site in Remsen, NY

Autumn Repose

Also at Steuben Memorial:

Up Pines

At gorgeous Lake Ontario, in Oswego:

Benches on the Berm

Lake Ontario at Sodus Bay, NY:

Through the Arbor

Lake George, NY:

Lake George Looking East

Crazy roots in a swamp that was once the village for the ancient Oneida Indian tribe-- in Smithfield, NY

Tangled Roots at the Swamp

Chittenango Falls in Chittenango, NY:

Falls 2

This is White Lake, in the Adirondacks.

White Lake

This is White Lake, in the winter:


The Hudson River in Albany, NY

05 Down the Hudson

Tupper Lake, Adirondacks:



My front yard :)

House Front 2

See how beautiful New York State is?? Ahhhhh, what a lovely place. :)

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Clint said...

Stunningly beautiful shots. I wish New York state did a better job of showing its beauty. I think most people equate New York with the big city and pollution. The reality is that it is just a gorgeous state. Thank you for sharing.

10:14 AM  


I grew up in Upstate, but went to Manhattan for a year as a student. The school had many studenst from people all over the country and the world. When they heard I was a NY native from the land of "Upstate," they all asked me what it was like growing up in a huge city with subways and so many people.


10:25 AM  
Mike said...

NICE PHOTOS! You make me want to move to NY state! Oh, wait, I already am. :P Even our backyard has so many beautiful pictures waiting to happen!

11:14 AM  
Coupon Queen said...

Ohhh I had not seen this blog of yours yet! I am following now. These beautiful pictures are a great way for me to get my hubby to visit NY. I love the city but we could get away to the country as well! :) Thanks so much for showing these!!! Have a great afternoon.

2:02 PM  

Fantastic Photos! I loved being able to view places from all over the world and I never have to leave my computer room. In the past hour I've been to India, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Alaska to name a few. And guess what? It didn't cost me a penny! :-)

Take care and have a blessed week :-)


4:40 PM  

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