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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's a tip for you travelers out there-- compare the deals before you book your hotel! I know, it's sounds like a no brainer, at least when you're not planning on traveling. When you finally decide to hit the road, if you are like me, everything goes out the window in the rush to and excitement.

I found a really nice travel website called It's a well-rounded site, with articles and deals for both the young, urbane traveler and families or larger groups. I enjoyed their very simple and straightforward article Best Ways to Travel When On a Low Budget. Definitely a must read in today's economy.

They also sport a "hot deals" section on the front page, and of course you can search by destination for deals, too. The travel guides are especially nice. They include such titles as:

10 Best Sites to See in England
Affordable Activities to do in Honolulu
Adventure Time in Redwood City
Anaheim, the theme park capital of California
Basic Customs to Remember When Visiting Japan (important!)
Top 10 Places to Dine at New York City
What Not to Miss When Visiting New York

All pretty good articles. Check them out! And do it BEFORE you decide to go somewhere, so you can take your time. :) Happy trails!

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Clint said...

I like the "What not to miss when visiting New York". One could go there a hundred times and never see all the great places. Blessings.

6:16 AM  

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