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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It hit me a few years ago: I'm turning out just like my grandma. That's good and bad. She wore dentures and support hose. :-p But she liked jokes and had a nice laugh. :) I have an old, old photo of her in a nurse uniform back in World War II, and I am amazed to see my own face in her expression. It's uncanny. But what REALLY makes me think about me and my grandma are the cemeteries. I find myself dragging my kids to all the cemeteries just like she dragged me around all summer long, eons ago, now.

isaac paris marker

She was a genealogy freak. BIG TIME. She wrote a dozen books filled (handwritten!) with notes and charts and tables about her ancestors. And I guess I got the bug. What's nice is that some genealogists follow this blog-- they actually are HELPED by all my photos and information about the places I visit, even the cemeteries!

Cemeteries are somber places, yes. But they are filled with history. I can't help but wonder about these people. What was life like for them back then? Were things so very different? What about their financial situation? In many cases, if the male head of the household died, the family was in dire straights. That's one change for the better-- life has greatly improved for women.

I haven't put much thought into my own placement in such a place. One of my relatives tried to encourage us to check out Burial Insurance rates... and when the husband worked in insurance, he did deal with some funeral insurance in various policies.

What about you? Are you older, do you think about such plans for seniors? I guess I'm thinking I'll be gone "in a twinkling of an eye," because of all the signs and seasons, you know.

But then... I wonder if THESE people, lying a-moulderin' in their graves, thought the same thing, that they would not see corruption. Makes ya wonder a bit.

Grandma is tucked away now, too; I miss her sometimes. But then again, when I hear myself laugh at a goofy joke, it's like she's here, anyway. :)

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Clint said...

Love it! Check out my blog of Oct 16, 2010. There is nothing like roaming cemeteries to find out about a community. Great post!

10:16 AM  

You know what they say... like mother like daughter or should that be like grandmother like granddaughter? It sounds like you had a wonderful Grandmother :-)

I like to snoop around graveyards and read the markers when I attend funerals. Guess what? Everyone doesn't get old and then die. There are a lot of dead young people in graveyards too. You never Know?

6:47 PM  

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