Tenaciously Struggling Through the Final Dregs of Winter

Friday, March 11, 2011

I find myself repeating through clenched teeth that spring IS indeed coming. Yes, yes. The snow is melting, and more importantly, the sun will be shining soon. That's very important. I miss sunshine.

But best of all, New York travel and tourist sites fling open their doors after Memorial Day. Oh it is SO difficult to wait that long! I never really understood why we have to wait so long for the travel season to officially open. After spending six months inside all winter, we are bursting at the seams by the end of March!

Well, at least some place are open earlier. I traveled out to the Finger Lakes area last month. We stopped at the National Women's Hall of Fame and the Women's Rights National Park (post coming up) as well as a few other places.

Womens Rights Marker

I learned a lot about the women's rights movement that began here in Upstate New York.

The time spent was much too brief, though. We are desperate for something like an Outer Banks vacation-- a REAL getaway for an extended period of time, a different environment where we can just RELAX and take it easy. I want to sip iced tea on a warm sandy beach, surrounded by azure ocean waters. Ahhh.

Someday, I hope and pray.

So I am white-knuckling it through the final days of winter. I hope to be getting a new vehicle, too, and that will make travel even more fun. :D Stay tuned! I expect many adventures this year!

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