Atop the Empire State Building: Video

Monday, March 19, 2012

While sifting through some of my old photos (I'm still in the process of rebuilding my hard drive after it was hit with a virus in January!), I found some little videos I'd made while visiting the New York City. I had completely forgotten about them! I had climbed the Empire State Building in July 2010 to take some videos. I wanted my kids to see what it was like up there. It was an interesting experience, one I am sure my kids would not like (too crowded, too hot, too short of an experience). You also have to pass through a bastion of metal detectors, have your bags rifled through, and pay for the honor of being considered a terrorist suspect. You can read my story here at my other travel blog: A Visit to the Empire State Building. Yeah, Sleepless in Seattle it is NOT.

Once up to the top, however, we are free to peruse the sights. It's incredibly windy. You can see from my crude video that I had a little difficulty managing the camera.

Anyway, it was an experience. Something you do once, and ONLY once. Haha. After mingling with the sweaty masses, I was happy to come home to my rural Upstate New York town, to the flannel shirts, crooked tin mailboxes and occasional curt trailer hitch following a Deere tractor. Ahh, a girl can breathe again!

Have you ever been to the Empire State Building? What are your recollections?

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