New Post About Our Trip to the Cloisters

Friday, May 11, 2012

I finally got a new post up about our March trip to the Cloisters in Manhattan. The museum is stunning; we had a wonderful trip.

Cloisters Hal 1

I'm all excited about going to New York City again, now! While researching information about the Cloisters, I came across some stuff on the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (The MMoA runs the Cloisters). The MMoA became my second home in NYC when I attended school in Manhattan. I visited very frequently. Despite all my visits, I don't think I ever saw everything in the entire museum, either! I read that it is a 1/4 mile long, 2,000,000 square feet!

So I think, Lord willing, we will go see it sometime. I do like NYC. It's a place where you can see and do so many wonderful things, from buying clothes and discount perfumes to walking through museums and historic places to eating the most amazing foods... and more.

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