The Adirondacks Beckon....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We haven't been up there yet, but I hear them whispering to me: the Adirondack Mountains.


Right now, however, is the heart of black fly season up there. Black flies love me. For dessert. Even bug spray doesn't keep the nasty little buggers away from me. So I must wait until the weather cools. Hopefully, in September or October we will go. Lord willing, we will trek up to Lake Placid to see the Olympic Center and Whiteface Mountain. I'm hoping to ride on their ski lift and take a video. I've been very lackadaisical with travel plans this year, however. I have lots of desires but I also have lots of things to do around the homestead (like fence mending, finishing up some projects and setting plastic stanchions)... right now, I'm taking one day at a time.

Still, I've got plans for a few smaller trips planned for the summer, most of them to urban areas. I have to get to New York City again, we want to see Harriet Tubman's home in Auburn, and I want to go to the Erie Canal Boat House in Chittenango, NY. All in development!

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