Hacker Gains Entry to Hotel Rooms

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who comes up with this stuff?!

A hacker is apparently able to enter a locked hotel room without a key. According to Forbes, Mozilla developer Cody Brocius can hack into certain keyless hotel room locks in a matter of minutes:

Using an open-source hardware gadget Brocious built for less than $50, he can insert a plug into that DC port and sometimes, albeit unreliably, open the lock in a matter of seconds. “I plug it in, power it up, and the lock opens,” he says simply.

The hack works only on certain locks made by manufacturer Onity, "whose devices are installed on the doors of between four and five million hotel rooms around the world according to the company’s figures." And the hack isn't always consistent, either. It failed two out of three times on tests.


Read the story, it's very enlightening.

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