Is It All Truly Just Location, Location, Location?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I tend to differ from that real estate mantra, "Location, location, location." Do you? I also think that a healthy portion of real estate success is who is servicing you while you buy or sell. As a traveler far and wide, I have seen a whole lot of real estate. I also like to look up the demographics of various places we visit, checking out the population, tax rates, real estate values, and such. So I think of myself as a real estate junkie, a hobbyist who likes to know what's beneath the towns and cities we visit.

I've been to a lot of real estate websites and blogs, too. Is it just me, or are many of those websites terribly difficult to navigate? They are messy and full of weird links and articles. I have, however, discovered a really nice website for Calgary real estate. He's a young gentleman named Cliff Stevenson. His website is really terrific! Everything is on the first page, NEAT and tidy and organized. I love the social media buttons the greet you when you bring up the website, and the small real estate blog video in the sidebar. There's also easy access to the team of Calgary real estate agents. Best of all, you don't have to blindly navigate through any obscure pages or tabs to do a property search. It's right there, in your line of focus. Very nice. I also like the "Featured properties" at the bottom of the page; it's a nice touch.

As a consumer, I think a realtor's website says a lot about his business. It's not all about location, it's service and presentation, too. If you like to browse real estate sites or are looking for an orderly place to buy or sell or browse, check out the site!

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