Photos from Toothpick City II at Syracuse, NY

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The kids and I visited the MOST in Syracuse, NY, and got a real treat-- seeing Stan Munro's Toothpick City II! What an amazing display! I blogged about our adventure here, but I wanted to post more photos of these amazing structures.

Toothpick City 2 Display

Certainly when one thinks of toothpicks, either tooth-cleaning or diet supplements comes to mind. But to Stan Munro, toothpicks means TOWERS! These are just amazing!

Toothpick Work in Progress

Towers in toothpicks

Aspire Towr toothpick

I can't get over how incredible these things are. This is the La Seu Cathedral in Spain. Look at the detail!

La Seu Cathedral toothpicks

La Seu closeup

St Peters in toothpicks

St Peters toothpicks

Borobudur in toothpicks

You can read more about Stan and how he got started on this, plus more photos, at New York

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Unknown said...

The Toothpick City is absolutely amazing!

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