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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, no travel or daytrips for us yet. The kids are still recovering from their bad colds, and I have been frantically racing the autumn clock, trying to get my basement repair work done before winter arrives. My lawn is very overgrown after the ubiquitous rainfall (will it ever end?), so that is on my plate, too.

I am really, really hoping that we are able to get out to the Living History Weekend on Sept. 23rd. We love stuff like that.

Strikeslip over at Fault Lines reminded us that the Trenton Falls Scenic Trails is open for two weeks in October. I really want to get to that, too. His photos are lovely (I put one on my computer desktop as a reminder). The kids and I had tried to get up there earlier, not knowing that the trails have a strict visiting schedule.

More to come...

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