Thursday Thirteen No.2

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's autumn. The leaves are now almost all fallen from the trees, and the temperatures are taking a downward turn today after two months of unseasonably mild weather. We have enjoyed our autumn very much. I think this has been the most enjoyable autumn season in years.

My thoughts sometimes turn to places to visit. Planning before a visit is crucial. I will admit that with the adoption of the cell phone and the retirement of diapers and bottles, traveling ad hoc is easier. But with gas prices as they are, planning trips and routes is still important.

Here's our list of places we hope to visit in the future, both near and long-term, in the Thursday Thirteen style:

1. Virginia. I know, it's not in New York. My brother lives down there and has graciously welcomed us to stay for as long as we'd like. My kids-- great aficionados of Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, and the like-- are near desperation to go. We intended to go this past summer, but I was laid up for several weeks (herniated vertebra) and then we had to demolish and rebuild our moldy Living Room walls. Hopefully, this coming year we'll see those Blue Ridge Mountains! Kids, I promise we'll get down there soon!

2. Saratoga. In New York State, yes. My kids are sick of pretending our backyard is Freeman's Farm, and they're ready to go play Daniel Morgan in the real place. We also want to see the Schuyler House, the "Boot Monument," and the various other monuments at the Saratoga Battlefield.

3. Ticonderoga. We would really like to see the inside of the fort this time! We'd also like to hike all the way to the summit of Buck Mountain or some other mountain to get a bird's eye view of Lake George. Maybe we'll combine #2 with this one and make a big camping trip out of it!

4. Cobleskill. Howe Caverns is located here. I've been here twice, but my visit was very, very long ago. The husband and kids have never been, and I know they would love it. It would be a terrific science lesson in geology and minerals. The caves are terrific!

5. Remsen. We were so impressed by the grandeur and pristine beauty of the Steuben Memorial Burial Site that we have got to go again, and this time with Mr. Mecomber. How the kids loved playing in the thick woods! It's a perfect place for picnics, or just an area to hike and enjoy the serene beauty of the Adirondack foothills. This is one of our favorite places, and close by, too. We'll be returning often to this one.

6. Blue Mountain Lake. The Adirondack Museum is something I am desiring to visit. Admission costs are high ($15 a person, and they consider a 13-year old an adult), so it would something to save for. The place is huge so the museum offers multiple-day passes. It looks so enjoyable.

7. Niagara Falls. Mr. Mecomber and I have been to the Falls (I, twice), but the children have never seen it. It is a very hyped tourist attraction for the state. Sure, the Falls are neat and everything, but there is a lot more to new York than Niagara Falls! It seems most people are unfamiliar with anything Upstate besides Niagara Falls. Upstate is much, much more than just Niagara Falls! But I'd like the kids to see it, just the same. Plus, the city has a fantastic aquarium!

8. New York City. Another over-hyped tourist destination but a terrific place nonetheless. Must-see spots: Federal Hall, Trinity Church, Bible Museum, Museum of Natural History, and the Statue of Liberty.

9. St. Lawrence Seaway. Thousand Islands. It sounds so beautiful up there. I love the lakes and waterways of New York State. The country in northern New York is very rugged. Best time to go would be in autumn, when summer tourists have vacated and the weather and landscape is at its zenith. Mmm.

10. Albany. We spent a weekend in the city a few years ago. What a terrific place to visit! There is so much to do, and great sections of the city still have that "old world" feel to it. We'd visit all the historical places (Schuyler Mansion again, too) and perhaps we'd make it to the Hudson Planetarium this time!

11. Lake Champlain. The boys wanna see Champ.

12. Finger Lakes Wine Country. The Finger Lakes are beautiful. We've been through the various cities many times, but never stopped to see one of their wineries. My husband is a wine fan, and this would be especially enjoyable for him. It would be neat to see how wine is made.

13. Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. We looked for this place last year. We couldn't find the entrance and ran out of time looking. One of my ancestors founded this area, when the place was once called Howland's Island! We love nature and wildlife, and would love hiking here!

Well, there you have it! Our travel list of places to visit is actually longer then thirteen things, but these are the places that are at the top. :)

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threecollie said...

Great List!! We have been to a number of these places and had a great time.
Montezuma is simply spectacular. On one lucky trip I added several life birds, which is a pretty big event for me...I have never gotten to see the inside of Fort Ty either...seems as if it is always closed. There is a famous ghost story about a distant relative of mine and a big battle there though...

8:37 AM  

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