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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Big deal. So the big snow event, the "Nor'Easter of December 2007" as some weathermen were calling it, wasn't.

The storm, originally predicted as a snowmaker of 12 inches in one day for the Mohawk Valley, was downgraded to 6 to 8 inches total over three days' time. What makes it disappointing is that this is a major sleet event. No one-- and I mean no one-- likes sleet. Snow, we can handle. Sleet is awful. There's nothing like winter's equivalent of heavy rain soaking you to the bone, then cold temperatures freezing you solid. It makes the snow too heavy to shovel and the roads too slippery for travel.

I'm still holding out for some better snow this winter.

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Tristran said...

Hello Mrs. Mecomber! Thank you for visiting my blog MAD TOMATO. I'm glad you like the little Christmas RSS icon.

Regards! God bless!...


2:29 PM  
Apple said...

We've switched to snow here and I hope it doesn't really pile up! The roads are still nasty from the sleet. My husband already did the driveway once so our dil could get in OK. He may have to do it again before my son gets here to pick the boys up.

3:26 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Hey, Tristan, it was my pleasure! Thanks for visiting me back. I hope to see you arouns from time to time. I'll be sure to stop by yours frequently. :)

Apple. it's FINALLY snowing here, too. I was quite discouraged to see (and hear) the sleet. Hopefully, we'll get a few inches out of this! I know snow is an outright inconvenience to some folks (especially those who drive a schoolbus for a living :) ) but I do like it. Upstate would not be Upstate without the snow!

3:43 PM  
Mrs. W said...

I seem to have gotten a good 18 inches in my yard. My back has been screaming from all the shovelling!

Glad it didn't hit you too bad. And glad it's over.

9:14 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Well, my kids informed me this evening that they figured we had about a foot or two in the backyard. I didn't believe them, actually!

But then I realized that it snowed all Sunday night here... so maybe we really do have that much? I am a poor guesser at snow totals.

Take it easy on that back, Mrs. W!

9:21 PM  

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