The Death of the Travel Blog?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Stephanie over at Make the Great Escape has a great post bewailing her StumbleUpon adventures... or rather, the lack of. (Thanks, Happy Hotelier, for the link). It's a great post, and amazingly, I was just thinking the exact same thing last week as I, too, perused StumbleUpon's travel posts.

The travel blog content of StumbleUpon... isn't. It really isn't there. Instead there're a lot of ads and marketing businesses sites. Airline fares? Hotel reservations? Concert tickets? Where are all the travel blogs??? This is pitiful.

As for me, for a good year I kept this blog strictly on our travels. But being a New York traveler meant that for 6 months out of the year, I could not really travel (in case you haven’t heard, we get tons of snow around here). So I’ve branched out, and can get quite chatty. But I still blog about our travels, whenever and wherever we take them.

I don’t think it’s time to bemoan the “death” of the travel blog yet… not yet. For thousands of years, people have always loved a good story. I am confident that people always will. Travel blogs– though they be rare and though they be obscure– will remain, because they tell a good story.

I know there ARE travel blogs out there. Why aren’t they being Stumbled, for pete’s sake?

Now here's a shameless plug: I have a StumbleUpon button at the end of every post. If you read a good article here, please "Stumble" me. I shall do the same for yours and for other blogs. StumbleUpon was created to be a port to find really great weblogs and websites, not a haven for full-blown marketing schemes and advertisements. Let's resuscitate the travel blogs, and other great blogs out there! (I've written a quick tutorial on adding StumbleUpon to your blog at Mrs. Mecomber's Scrapbook).

P.S. For all your travelers or travel bloggers out there, Happy Hotelier has an interesting chart of the T-List. I have the entire T-List in my sidebar, in an expandable widget. Feel free, anyone, to steal it and use it.

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