Friday, December 07, 2007

As a few of you have discovered, I am currently in the process of building a few more blogs. They are rather niche-y. I write better when I have more focus. I wanted to make a more formal announcement than just hinting around. I invite you to take a look and participate in the discussions!

New York Renovator. This is a home improvement blog that I've had going since May. I haven't promoted it a great deal. It's all about our challenges (and failures, and successes) of renovating our 1855 home in Upstate New York. It's no easy task. I try to make the posts entertaining, but also informative, as I share tips and information that I have learned along the way. It is, surprisingly, a bit hit in the UK.

Mrs. Mecomber's Scrapbook. I actually began this project years ago under a different name. I'm starting it from scratch again with a streamlined new look. It's on it's own domain (which is a refreshing change). It's a blog about computers, software, gadgets, tips, tweaks, and downloads for the average computer user. I have found that so many techhie-type blogs are very good, but they have a strong appeal to bona fide geeks. I haven't seen too many helpful geeky blogs for the moms and pops of the Internet, have you? Hopefully this blog will help fill in the gaps.

New York Traveler.Net. This is brand-new, begun on my own domain. It's a Wordpress blog, and I am learning lots. Eventually, I will send the contents of this blog to that one. That's still a good six months+ away, though. But I do blog at the new domain. A lot of it is about my Wordpress woes and victories, lol. When I start my traveling again (expect more movement in the spring), I will journal my travels here as I have always done, but I'll offer additional stories, photos, and anecdotes on the .Net blog. I am not sure how long it wil be until I move everything over there, but I know it will be within a year's time!

So I am one busy camper. Please visit my blogs and please feel free to offer input or ask questions. And if there is anything geeky I can help you with at the Scrapbook, be sure to leave a comment.

Thanks for visiting!

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windycorner said...

Hi Mrs.Mecomber,
Thanks for visiting. The bees wax ornaments took some trial and error so here's a quick lesson.Melt wax in a crockpot on low and use a soup ladle to pour it into a clay cookie mold lightly sprayed with Pam cooking spray (paper towel out any excess). The Brown Paper Bag molds work best (Ebay). Make a hanger with a loop of ribbon or raffia (best) and immerse it in the wax while still liquid. These cool quickly and can be removed from the mold when the wax becomes opaque. They can be painted when completely cool. If you mess up, just melt it and start over. Email me if you need to and I'll be glad to help.

12:14 AM  
windycorner said...

Hello again! I forgot that we improved the hanger method the last time we made ornaments. Use a bamboo skewer to gently make a hole right when you unmold the wax.

12:43 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Thank you, windycorner for coming all the way over *here* and explaining. Your ornaments are very beautiful. They look scrumptious, too! lol I used to go to an old-timey kind of grocery store where they sold honeycomb in small squares-- it was a small 6 inch by 6 inch square, and the bees had made their honeycomb in the squares. The beekeepers sold the squares to the store, who sold it to sweet-tooths like me. You cut out pieces of the honeycomb and chewed it. Of course, the wax was spit out. I remember it being a little grainy.

You make your wax ornaments sound so easy. It must be a lovely tradition! From Germany?

8:05 AM  
windycorner said...

Hello again! Stop me if you've heard this before....the first Christmas trees were from Germany. They were decorated with "disposable" ornaments made of paper,wax,cookies, and nuts. The wax ones were made from pouring bees wax into cookie molds. If you get your wax from someone who raises bees instead of a store like Michael's, it will still have enough honey in it to give it a beautiful golden color and sweet fragrance. Let me know if you try it.

1:07 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh dear. I'd probably eat the honey before I ever had a chance to make something with it.

Your ornaments are quite beautiful, though-- too beautiful to eat, lol.

2:07 AM  

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