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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been putzing around the internet today, and found some real gems in the travel blog arena. As usual, I'm interested in New York blogs, but I've found some real nice global blogs with some stunning pictures, and other with helpful tips. Perfect for the armchair traveler. Since it is nice to share, I thought I would. :)

I'm a big fan of travelogue blogs. I found another good one called Dual Sport Diary, about a group of student traveling around the world by bicycle. The pictures are graphic-heavy but very picturesque. And I have to give them credit-- visiting fifteen countries on a bike, on a students' budgets! Another travelogue-- a bit closer to home-- is the entertaining Road Trip USA. I love it when trekkies post their road maps!

Unique National Parks is a terrific website. The Adirondacks didn't make it on their list, so they have that against them. However, they have some glorious photos of Skaftafell Park. If I could go there I would-- in a second. The terrain is so rugged and pristine. I am reading a book on the history of the British Isles, too, so that only inspires me more! There's a nice video at the site, too. Another website featuring travel in Scotland is so beautiful. Someday we are going to Scotland. Aye, the clan!

I've been noticing of late that more families are traveling together. Serious travel used to be within the realm of childless couples or older "empty-nesters." I think this is still most predominantly the case; but I also notice that more and more couples are bringing along their children when they travel, even with global travel. I found some very informative (and cute) websites for travelers with children. Even if you have no children, even if you don't travel, visit Mom's Minivan for a chuckle. Are those her own kids posing for all those pictures? Some good tips, she has. There's also the simple Travel for Kids and the very basic Activities for Kids. And don't forget the Games to Keep Kids Entertained. I remember the old License Plate game! And my brothers and I had a small version of Battleship we loved!

It is inspiring to see these websites; I've been desiring to offer tips and travel advice here on this blog, for some time. We have had our own share of interesting experiences! Now that I have beem so inspired, I may get a round tuit very soon!

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