Before and After

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Before... eleven days ago....

...and after--- this is today.

Arbor Jan102008

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Apple said...

It has been a crazy weather week! I'm hoping the rain tonight washes away the rest of my snow. It's been great to be able to use the clothesline the last few days.

7:47 PM  
Mrs. W said...

Crazy weather, indeed! I have one small pile of ugly grey snow--yuk! But I'm lovin the sunshine, even if it is blustery cold!

9:02 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Isn't is just like they say--- don't like NY weather? Then just hang on and wait 5 minutes!

9:07 PM  
Mrs. W said...

Heh... do they say that in NY? That's what everyone said in Key West when I lived there! :)

9:18 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

You lived in gorgeous KEY WEST?!? Wow that must have been a blast.

Aw, and here I thought the saying was special to NY! Oh well!

9:24 PM  
JenLo said...

Can you believe it ?! It'll probably be back to "before" before long!

1:00 AM  
threecollie said...

I am sure the snow will be back soon enough but I am much enjoying this little taste of global warming....sure makes the firewood last longer.

7:03 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

I can tell everyone commenting is from NY because you're all saying "We love the thaw, but the snow's yet to come!" LOL!

Yes, the inevitable!

I don't mind the snow one bit, but I hate paying those high heating bills when the temp drops. Wish I could use wood. ;)

9:15 AM  

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