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Friday, January 25, 2008

I had the pleasure of writing a few articles about the New Year for a wonderful web hospitality group, noo Year's Hospitality LLC. I'm really impressed with what they are planning-- a whole world of travel and entertainment information, experiences, and articles all rolled into one. They provide a lot of information about stuff that no one else is doing; for example, helicopter rides over Manhattan! That looks so cool. Learn to DJ? What other kind of site has all this stuff? One section of their site has a comprehensive guide about the New Year's celebrations, and more. Plus, *ahem* they did publish two articles by yours truly. :D

Noo is looking for writers wanting to share their experiences. This is completely free. Right now it is centering in on New York, but it will expand to cover many big cities in the U.S. I'm very impressed with the site. You are not going to find the same-old same-old that you encounter at other places. Check them out! If you're interested in writing something for them, let them know!

If you are interested in reading my two articles, they are here and here.

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Excellent articles and an excellent site! I really liked your "Upstate New Year's Eve in New York", but talk to me about multicultural events and food and I'm a pushover! Great work!

10:12 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

DDBG, you are so sweet! Thanks for reading them.

Yes, I love the Noo website. I love how they have the coolest things to do in NY! I am looking forward to their expansion.

Maybe you can come down our way sometime in that *new* DD Bus you're gonna get someday. ;)

10:20 PM  

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