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Saturday, March 08, 2008

I cannot remember how on earth I came across this little blog, but I did and I am loving every minute of it. It is A Broad Abroad, written by a South African native whose husband's jobs takes their little family to Scotland and then to Zambia. Her writing style is as breezy as the Scottish wind she describes:

...Scotland has a year-round wind chill factor capable of turning even the slightest breeze into an arctic gale. In addition, and this you must have noticed, wind only ever blows the things you need away from you, while blowing things you don't want straight up your nose. Never have I found a breeze that could slide over the sandwiches, pass the pineapple or nudge over the noodles. Rather they send us charging after packets, cartons and children's toys, requiring us to lift rear from blanket. The blanket then takes off like a kite primed to strike you in the face as you turn back to face your point of departure.

Unfortunately, the blog hasn't been updated in several months. Where'd she go? Where is she now? I'm terribly curious! I'd also love to see more photos! What an interesting blog. I hope its author continues the journey; it's a delightful one for us all.

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