Traveling Unplugged And Other Oddities

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There have been some very good articles recently at Brave New Traveler. I liked the post The 20 Most memorable Travel Films, but the author's 20 and my 20 are like oil and water. A good post, though, and it really brought out the comments!

And the Budget Travelers are Hippie-Scum was entertaining. However, I budget travel by lifestyle, and I'm about as far from hippie as one can get.

Today's article title caught my eye: The Joy of Traveling Unplugged. I felt a little prick of conscience, as I have become quite accustomed to my gadgets when I travel.

...I say that many of us remain slaves to technology miles away from home.

In this way, travel can remind us how inundated our lives are with the distractions of modern conveniences. Backpacking this past December, I rediscovered the freedom of being unplugged, and came home with a renewed desire to downsize my digital addictions, both at home and on the road.

Here’s a look at five tech vices that can be difficult to ditch on the road, and how giving them up can help us rediscover some of the most important rewards of travel.

The author lists off the usual suspects: the TV, the cell phone, the Internet. But the buck stops here at the digital camera. I could never travel without my digital camera!

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