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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A local news story has its headline "Gasoline or Groceries?" All too true. And it's idiotic government policies that are wreaking havoc with both. With the gasoline, it's the high taxes and exorbitantly expensive refining costs. With the food prices, it's the idiotic ethanol joke. Our entire food supply is founded on corn. Who came up with the dumb idea to use corn as a fuel, and as a fuel that costs more to use than not? Arg!

But why are gasoline prices so much more expensive in Central New York. This is one of the highest taxed, most expensive area to live yet the poorest people of New York State live here. Why is that?

According to Triple A, the average cost of a gallon of gas nationwide is $3.28. Here at home the average cost is $3.41. That high number is leaving some to choose between filling the tank and buying groceries.

This isn't a fluke. Gas is always more expensive here. Why why why?

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Mrs.W said...

This region makes NO sense to us at all. Especially the school taxes here--a very poor education is available, with gang and violence problems in the high school, and our mortgange is DOUBLE what we pay on the house because of the taxes.

But I've gone off-topic.

Gasoline prices are ridiculous. Grocery prices are ridiculous. I'm about ready to join a commune and learn how to grow my own food.

Seriously, though, I am going to invest a few dollars in buying veggie seeds and trying a vegetable garden this year, lasagne-gardening style. Hopefully that will help out some.

8:37 AM  
TourPro said...

Here's a possible answer:

NYS has the second highest gas tax.

"Includes 8 cents per gallon excise tax, Petroleum Business Tax of 15.2 cents per gallon for gasoline and 13.45 cents per gallon for diesel (rate increased .6 cpg 1/1/05). Statewide volume weighted average sales tax increased 6/1/04 to 8.3 for per gallon for gasoline and 7.1 cents per gallon for diesel. Also a spill tax of 0.3 cent per gallon is collected on gasoline and diesel and a petroleum testing fee of 0.05 cent per gallon is levied on gasoline. Does not include an estimated 7.9 cents per gallon for gasoline and 6.7 cents per gallon for diesel from weighted county average sales taxes that range from 3.25% to 4.75%."

Note the 7.9 cents of County tax too. With the Fed, we are paying over 50 cents per gallon in just taxes. It's just like Tony Soprano sitting at the gas pump.

9:09 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

I am moaning right along with you guys. *sigh* what happened to all the "reform" the politicians promised? Oh yeah, wait, they were elected. So much for reform.

TourPro, this is the UTICA area, Tony Soprano IS sitting nex to the gas pump. I saw him yesterday and he didn't even offer to pump gas for me!

:-p I hate NY taxes.

9:55 AM  
threecollie said...

Soybean went limit down on the markets yesterday and I am really hoping that it is the start of a trend. We sure need some price relief both at the pumps and at the grocery store....soybeans are a start anyhow.

10:08 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Soybeans!!! Now that's interesting; hadn't heard it. Yeah, let's use soybeans! I hate eating them, and I'm all in favor of leaving the corn alone!

10:22 AM  

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