This Would NEVER Pass in NY

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do you know New York's state nickname? Guess. No, it's not the Sunshine State (that's Florida). It's not the Sunflower State (that's Kansas). Nor is it the Golden State (California). Have you ever heard someone say New York's nickname is the Empire State?

Well, they are WRONG. Our state nickname is The Labor Union State.

It should be, anyway. Labor unions rule our state, down to the nickel. Now, not every business in New York State is governed by labor unions. But a lot of them are. And they have a lot of laws and regulations (and fines).

Why on earth am I writing all this? I saw The Safety Awards 2007 photos at My Interesting Files, and thought about New York. Take a look at these!

This made 8th place:

Repairing an air conditioner.

And this made 7th place:

Fixing the old truck. On a public street, no less.

Military service in North Korea. They must be real skillful over there.

Can you imagine what made 1st place?! You'll have to go and see. But be assured, New Yorkers could never get away with doing such things. OSHA and every worker's compensation pencil pusher would be down our throats.

....not that I want to do such crazy things....

photos courtesy FunandFunOnly

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C K said...

I almost couldn't find the link to comment. It's so small! :)

Anyway, love these pictures! Haha... especially the ones with the car and the soldier.

Well, you have to give the person repairing the car some credit for being resourcefulness... as for the soldier... either he's nuts or he has just loaded himself up with insurance. lol

11:09 AM  

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