Grounded and Gasless

Monday, May 12, 2008

Well, gasoline prices have finally compelled me to stay put for a while. We've been wanting to get out and about now that spring has finally arrived (and it looks like it is here to stay!)... But the prices of gas are now $3.89 in my local area. I just cannot believe it. I see a lot of blame aimed toward oil executives, who have had record profits. Truly they have some blame, because their huge profits are built on the backs of us people, who need gasoline for our daily commute, etc. But the government has created this mess and I don't see them lowering taxes. Nay, they have been raising gasoline taxes for many years. Plus, all those wasteful energy-eating gadgets and large vehicles haven't helped any. As for me, gas prices squelch my travels; thank the Lord we still have food on the table, unlike some others right now. :(

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Laurie said...

We reached 3.95 here yesterday morning. I'm sure we'll pass 4.00 before the week's out. I'm shopping for a bike to ride to work and the gym.

11:14 PM  

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