More Photos from the Cazenovia Library Museum

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Here are a few extra photos I took while we visited the Cazenovia Museum of Oddities at the lovely library there. We saw many unusual things, definitely!

There was a very large collection of stuffed birds in various displays. Here's a stuffed roseate spoonbill. I'm not sure what the other bird is.

Stuffed Bird Display 2

There was one enormous display, filled with the most beautiful birds. My photo didn't come out of it, though (too dark). Guess you'll have to visit and see for yourself.

Here a human skull. Ick. I couldn't locate the information card for it. I assume it is one of the artifacts from Egypt, when the museum's founder traveled there in 1880s.

Ancient Skull

You can't tell from my photo, but this sponge and starfish are HUGE. The starfish was bigger than a dinner plate.

Large Sponge and Starfish

Here's an ancient work of art from Egypt. The paint was peeling, as was the plaster, but it is in great condition considering it is over 2,000 years old.

Egyptian Art

Here's an informative mural about Hubbard's journey to Egypt in his quest to locate ancient artifacts for the museum.

Journey Through Egypt Mural

In the Victorian age, the "thing to do" for wealthy people was to travel to Egypt on tours. There was a great hunger for ancient artifacts and museums then.

The Cazenovia library is so beautiful. I was wowed by the architecture and style of the building, inside and out. Here's a show of the ceiling light and plaster medallion. Look at that intricate detail work!

Cazenovia Sitting Room Ceiling

And here's a photo of the cute penguin statue that greets visitors from the front entrance.

Cazenovia Library Penguin

We enjoyed the library so much, there's no doubt we'll return. The library has an excellent section of documentary videos and non-fiction books, too.

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