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Monday, August 04, 2008

As usual, it's another costly mistake for New York government. My local government spend $49,000 on an agriculture map. But there's a typo for the city of Marcy. In the map, it reads "Darcy." Whoops! lol. It's not a terribly big deal, and the government is *hoping* people will be smart enough to figure it out.

"Agri-tourism" is big business here in Oneida County. It's a rapidly-growing arm of rural Upstate NY's tourist industry. I'm glad they have a map out. Now if I can only find one...

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threecollie said...

Gee, my cousin Darcy lives up near Marcy! Wonder if this means anything. lol

3:49 PM  
Pat said...


Just found your interesting blog! I've lived in Brooklyn, NY all my life but don't know thta much about upstate except for a few trips here and there. I'd love to learn more so I'll be checking in from time to time.


1:32 PM  
Mrs. Mecomber said...

Threecollie-- ROFLLLLL!

Hiya Pat! Upstate is great! Except for the taxes.... my main traveling blog is now here.

I use this blog for "extra" stuff. I'd love to have you visit me and read about our Upstate travels!

5:13 PM  

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